• Caffeine Wisdom: The A to Z of Coffee Varieties

    The A to Z of coffee varieties we have gathered together, always with an eye on emerging and newly discovered varieties to share with you
  • Caffeine Wisdom: What is "Geisha" Coffee?

    “Geisha” coffee sometimes referred to as “Gesha” coffee is one of the rarest and  most sought-after coffee varieties in the coffee industry

  • Caffeine Wisdom: Espresso Extraction Ratio and the Impact on Flavour

    Depends on the "Extraction Ratio" espresso can be divided into: Ristretto, Normalle & Lungo 
  • Caffeine Wisdom: What is Coffee Cupping?

    Cupping or tasting coffee has an internationally recognised set of standards and involves testing coffees in a controlled environment where cup size, water temperature, coffee to water ratio etc, are consistent
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    There are so many different varieties of coffee, so here is a Coffeenatics' guide to the 15 key elements you will need to produce the perfect espresso
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    Did you know that freshly roasted coffee beans are not recommended to be brewed immediately? We need to know that coffee beans require a resting t...
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    Specialty coffee is a term for the highest grade of coffee available, typically relating to the entire supply chain, using single origin or single...