Caffeine Wisdom: Best Time to Drink Coffee During Ramadan


The new moon is upon us, which means Ramadhan is here. Every year, 2 billion muslims participate in the fasting month where they are required to abstain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset

For muslim coffee drinkers, this might pose a challenge to their daily routine. We all know too well what happens when one is deprived of caffeine, but finding the right time for your caffeine fix during Ramadan can be quite challenging

Consuming it during the pre-dawn meal, or suhoor, might not be the best idea as it can lead to dehydration. Breaking your fast with a cup of coffee is not ideal either since caffeine on an empty stomach can stimulate the gastric and release gastric acid

Well then, when is the best time to drink coffee during Ramadan? According to nutritionist, the best time to drink coffee during Ramadan is between breaking fast and interlude at night

It is advised coffee drinkers to consume the beverage when your stomach is better prepared to receive it, which is after you break your fast. It is also advised that you stop drinking an hour or more before you go to sleep, so as not to disrupt your sleeping pattern

If you feel like you still need that morning coffee during the suhoor / pre-dawn meal, it is advisable to reduce your coffee intake and drink plenty of water afterwards. This is because caffeine contains diuretic properties that causes you to urinate more frequently. The last thing we want is for you to be dehydrated during fasting hours

Another alternative would be to opt for a decaf as all decaffeinated coffee must have at least 97% of the caffeine removed. This will ensure your sleeping routine won't be disrupted. For this, Coffeenatics' Ramadan Blend is back for a limited time only!

Ramadan blend is specially formulated for those of you who are fasting, a combination of Colombian Decaf and Aceh produces a blend with maximum taste, low caffeine, low acid and comfortable on the stomach

We hope this article will help you throughout your coffee journey during the holy month, please check out Coffeenatics' Ramadan Blend (click here). Wishing all our muslim friends Ramadan Kareem!

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