• Benefits of Using Automatic Coffee Tamper

    Automatic Coffee Tampers offer convenience, consistency, precision, and efficiency, making them valuable tools for espresso preparation in both commercial and home settings
  • What is a Filter Blend?

    Built on the same concept as our Espresso Blend, the Filter Blend series is a curated single origin coffee blended to create a flavour that impossible to achieve from a “Solo” single origin coffee
  • Public Coffee Cupping in Medan

    If you’ve ever wondered what we mean when we describe a coffee as fruity, delicate or chocolatey, or how an Indonesian coffee might taste distinctly different from an African one, this activities is for you! 
  • Coffeenatics for Garuda Indonesia 75th Anniversary!

    Garuda Indonesia marks its 75th anniversary on January 26th and Coffeenatics had the privilege to collaborate with Garuda Indonesia to surprise passenger with a special coffee treat
  • PUQpress: Meet the PUQpress M-Series

    No room on your bench for another tool? Explore the PUQpress M-Series, designed to attach to your grinder and fit seamlessly into any setup
  • Coffeenatics "X" Timor: Best Place to #WorkFromCafe in Medan

    Specialty coffee with on-the-go pastry and dessert offerings. Space is Japanese influenced and perfectly design for meetings and #WorkinCafe
  • Caffeine Wisdom: Best Time to Drink Coffee During Ramadan

    The new moon is upon us, which means Ramadhan is here. Every year, 2 billion muslims participate in the fasting month where they are required to abstain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset. When is the best time to drink coffee during Ramadan?
  • Thoughtful Ramadan Gift Ideas for Coffee Enthusiast!

    Celebrate the festive Eid Al-Fitr with Coffeenatics and wish your relatives and loved ones a blessed year!
  • Coffeenatics x Loveramics "Nomad Double Walled Mug"

    Loveramics is an internationally recognised ceramics brand, synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. Loveramics provide well designed professional coffee cups in an artisanal environment with a professional voice. Loveramics is also chosen to be the official cups of World Latte Art Championship from 2015-2022
  • Specialty Coffee in Medan

    We were founded back in 2015 out of a passion for excellent coffee, inspired by our Co-Founder "Harris Hartanto" & "Norita Chai" close relationship with “Specialty Coffee” culture in Melbourne, Australia
  • Caffeine Wisdom: What is Specialty Coffee Capsule

    Highly popular, what exactly is Specialty Coffee Capsule? Let's delve deeper!
  • Caffeine Wisdom: Cold Brew Vs Iced Coffee

    Cold brew and iced coffee, similar but not the same!