Caffeine Wisdom: What is "Geisha" Coffee?

“Geisha” coffee sometimes referred to as “Gesha” coffee is one of the rarest and  most sought-after coffee varieties in the coffee industry. It is said that this coffee gets its name from its original origin in the Gori Gesha Forest located in Ethiopia

Famous for its very distinctive taste and as one of the most exclusive and expensive coffees in the world, here are some interesting facts about Geisha coffee:

1. Geisha is a difficult plants. The leaf system is very thin, compared to other coffee varieties, which means photosynthesis is much less efficient than other varieties

2. The most important factor for a good Geisha is growing altitude. Some of the best Geisha coffees are grown at altitudes 1700 - 1950 MASL

3. Timing is very important. Geisha need to be picked at their perfect maturity and must be processed as soon as possible

4. One of the most expensive coffees in the world. With its unique flavor profile and difficult growing conditions, it's no wonder that Geisha coffee is on the list of one of the most expensive coffees in the world. The average price of raw Geisha coffee beans is around 1.5 - 2 million rupiah per 500 grams

Stay tune as Coffeenatics will soon be launching our first ever Geisha coffee line-up!