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Private Label Coffee

About Private Label Coffee / White Label Coffee Service

You buy it, make it your own and sell or distribute the product under the brand you’ve created. Or keep it even simpler and have us add your logo and coffee name to our Coffeenatics' label. Essentially, you are buying the product from someone else, namely us and taking ownership of that product with your own branding. Your Private Label coffee will be delivered directly to your door

Why Coffeenatics is the Best Partner for Your Private Label Coffee / White Label Coffee?

  • Original & 100% pure coffee beans, no mixes guaranteed
  • Exclusive selection of the finest Indonesian and International specialty & premium coffees
  • Coffee bag includes high-quality zipper and one-way valve to keep the coffee fresh once opened
  • Given the high volume of sales that we manage, our coffee is always fresh and the price is also competitive
  • Your coffee will be roasted in Indonesia on a 5kg German made Probat roaster
  • Our Quality Control team consist of 2 CQI Arabica Q Grader and 3 Q Processor ensuring your coffee is consistent from green to cup
Benefits of Private Label / White Label Service
  • No big initial investment or complicated setup on coffee roastery, we do that part for you
  • You can alter it in any way, any time required, because you own the legal rights
  • You are buying quality products already tested on the market
  • You provide a superb coffee with your branding to advertise your business
Who Benefits from Private Label / White Label Service?
  • Barista, Coffee Shop, Espresso Bar
  • Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe
  • Online Marketplace, Offline Supermarket
  • Anyone who offers or sells bulk roasted coffee within their business establishment

How Does Private Label / White Label Work?
There are two main options to start:

  1. Select one of our existing blends or origin coffees or
  2. Customize your own coffee

Our experienced team will take you through the "Cupping" process where you will compare the aroma, acidity and flavors of selected coffee to create your own blend. Once you have selected your blends, the next step is to decide the packaging and label for your coffee

At Coffeenatics' Roastery we have the ability to print your logo or brand name on our Coffeenatics' label. If you decide to design your own labels you’ll need to have them printed and sent to us if you’d like us to apply them. You can also choose to have your coffee shipped to you with no label and apply your own

Minimum Requirement for Private Labeling / White Labeling Service
Contact our wholesale team by email or WhatsApp for the minimum order and requirement for private label service. Every white label situation is unique and we will do our best to support your requirements, so please contact us for more information

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Private Label Coffee