Caffeine Wisdom: Recommended Resting Time for Fresh Roasted Coffee

Did you know that freshly roasted coffee beans are not recommended to be brewed immediately?

We need to know that coffee beans require a resting time to release carbon dioxide gas produced through the roasting process and have different resting times to achieve optimal quality

Some of the consequences of coffee beans that are too fresh:

  1. Produce coffee with excessive crema
  2. Affecting the extraction time which resulted in inconsistent brewing results
  3. Producing "Cloudy" and "Robust" coffee, the resulting aroma does not really match the profile of the coffee beans used

Coffee roasted for "Espresso" and "Filter" have a different "Roast Degree" therefore need different "Resting Time". Our recommended "Resting Time":

  1. Espresso Roast: 7 Days
  2. Filter Roast: 10 - 14 Days

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