Public Coffee Cupping in Medan

Public Coffee Cupping in Medan

Public Coffee Cupping with Coffeenatics in Medan

About Public Coffee Cupping
Our public coffee cupping is suitable for everyone, from complete beginners to seasoned pros. It’s a fantastic opportunity to taste some exceptional coffees, compare them side by side and develop your palate. If you’ve ever wondered what we mean when we describe a coffee as fruity, delicate or chocolatey, or how an Indonesian coffee might taste distinctly different from an African one, this activities is for you! 

In the coffee industry, 'cupping' is the formal name we give coffee tasting. At Coffeenatics, we use this system of tasting to evaluate our current and newly arrived coffees, our recent roasts and coffees gifted to us by friends from other roasteries, both near and far

This fun and casual coffee tasting will be run by an experienced Coffeenatics' barista, who will guide you through the cupping process, explaining what we look for when we assess and score coffees. There will typically be up to five coffees on the table, and we will taste them ‘blind’ (i.e. we won’t know until the end of the session which coffee is which, to avoid preconceptions of what a given coffee 'should' taste like). We’ll start by assessing the aroma before tasting each coffee, taking notes along the way and sharing our observations at the end

Next Public Coffee Cupping
We run public cuppings once a month on Saturday at 10am at our Roastery at Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro, 8M Medan, Indonesia. No previous experience is necessary, and we’ll provide everything you need for the session. The group size is limited, so please book in to secure your spot. Please follow @thecoffeenatics.wholesale or inquiry via WhatsApp for the date of our next public cupping 

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