Colombia Lullaby: First Decaf Coffee at Coffeenatics

Decaf Coffee

Last October, coinciding with the International Coffee Day, Coffeenatics introduced its first decaf coffee, Colombia Lullaby. The name was inspired from the origin of the coffee, Colombia. And the word Lullaby illustrates that even when you drink coffee, you can still sleep comfortably. This decaf coffee is produced by Cofinet, originating from Cauca - Popayán, with an altitude of 2000 MASL and Varietals: Castillo / Caturra / Colombia.  Using the sugar cane decaf process and an Espresso roasting style, this coffee has the tasting notes of Caramel, Honey, and Chocolate

The decaf coffee is coffee that has undergone decaffeination processes, reducing the caffeine content to the lowest level. There are several methods for decaffeination, compared to the traditional decaffeination process by using chemical solvents - mainly ethyl acetate. Sugar Cane Decaf uses natural ethyl acetate extracted from local sugar cane which enhances sweetness while maintaining coffee attributes. This process imparts a sweet aroma to the resulting flavor profile

Why is decaffeinated coffee available when we drink coffee for the caffeine? Decaf coffee is intended for some people with low caffeine tolerance, such as pregnant women or those with a history of GERD. It can also be for someone who experiences insomnia after drinking coffee, which can be uncomfortable. Therefore, decaf coffee is available to allow anyone to enjoy the taste of coffee without worrying about excessive side effects

Many people assume that decaf coffee tends to have a flat taste, but after being tried by our roasters, Colombia Lullaby still has a flavor that can be enjoyed. Even though it has minimal caffeine, it is certainly maximal in terms of taste

Tasting Note: Caramel - Honey - Chocolate
- Origin: Cauca - Popayán
- Altitude: 2000 MASL
- Varietal: Castillo / Caturra / Colombia
- Process: Sugar Cane Decaf
- Producer: Cofinet
- Roast: Espresso

Are you Interested in trying Colombia Lullaby? It's available at Coffeenatics in the form of Coffee Beans, Coffee Capsules, and Single-Serve Pourover. Feel free to check it out via Coffeenatics' Tokopedia!