At Origin: Pink Sidama

Ethiopia Pink Sidama Elto Coffee

Easily our favourite coffee from this year's Ethiopian harvest, this coffee exudes character with intense, yet balanced flavours that elevate the essence of natural processed Ethiopian coffee

Produced by Elto Coffee, a coffee company founded by Sidama Bensa based couple Eliyas Dukamo and Atiklit Dejene. Their activities aim to honor every facet of coffee by producing exclusive and outstanding nano-lots. They do this by using the highest quality cherries cultivated and harvested by the smallholder farmers in the proximate communities and processing them through contemporary updates to traditional methods and styles

Sidama Bensa grown JARC variety generally observed to express Geisha-esque floral, berries, and honeyed notes, has consistently ranked among the best at the Ethiopia Cup of Excellence and fetched the highest prices at the auction

Tasting Note: Floral - Berries - Nectarine - Earl Grey Tea
- Origin: Ethiopia - Sidama
- Producer: Elto Coffee
- Altitude: 2300 MASL
- Varietal: JARC 74112 / 74158
- Process: Natural
- Roast: Filter

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