AeroPress Recipe: Belgium AeroPress Champion (Emiel Rymenans)

AeroPress Champion Recipe

AeroPress recipe from 2016 Belgium AeroPress champion (Emiel Rymenans)


  • Position: Inverted
  • Filter: Double Paper & Metal 
  • Preparation: Rinsed
  • Coffee: 30g (Medium Coarse)
  • Water: 240g (85c)


  1. Bloom with 120g water, in the middle of grind, a bit of turbulence for 40 sec
  2. Break the crust by stirring gently 4 times, then wait another 10 sec
  3. Screw on the filter with 2 well flushed paper filters and flip the press
  4. Swirl the AeroPress a few times
  5. Press very gently for 50 sec until you have 70g of coffee
  6. Add 120g of 85c water
  7. Cool the coffee to 50c then serve

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