AeroPress Recipe: Australian AeroPress Champion (Georgina Lumb)

Coffeenatics AeroPress Recipe

AeroPress recipe from 2016 Australian AeroPress champion (Georgina Lumb)


  • Position: Upright
  • Filter: Paper
  • Preparation: Rinsed
  • Coffee: 20g (Coarse)
  • Water: 210g (86c)


  1. Assemble AeroPress in upright position over cup and pre-wet the paper filter
  2. Add 20g of ground coffee
  3. Add 95g of 86c water and allow to bloom for 30 sec
  4. At 30 sec, add the remaining 115g of water over 15 sec
  5. Brew for 10 sec, at 55 sec start your 30 sec press
  6. Allow to cool for 3-4 mins before serving

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